Gathered Worship

Reopening Guidelines

The State of Maine has issued guidelines for reopening churches and other religious organizations. As you will notice when you arrive, we are doing our best to adhere to these recommendations for God's glory and everyone's health and well being. Click here to view the guidelines. (Phase four guidelines can be found here).
You can assist us in following these guidelines by wearing a mask while entering and exiting the building. Our entryway is narrow enough that it would be difficult to maintain the suggested six feet spacing. When you find your seat in our Sanctuary, you are free and encouraged to remove your mask as you feel comfortable doing, however, due to the cold weather forcing us to keep our windows closed, we ask that you keep them on when you are singing. Likewise, we are asking that you notice the signs that are blocking off certain pews and not sit near those who aren't in your family.
This is going to be a difficult time for all of us. but we are happy that you have chosen to worship with us. We won't be able to shake your hand, but we hope that you feel welcome in our midst!

Sunday Morning Services

Beginning on August 2, 2020, we will be moving back to one service: Sundays at 10:00 AM. We hope that you can still join us! We have plenty of room to spread out in our sanctuary and balcony, and have blocked off every other pew to ensure proper distancing. Our teams will continue to clean up and sanitize following our services as well. Our services run just over an hour. We read the Scriptures together, proclaim God's truth through modern songs and hymns, and hear His Word preached through a sermon. To see our current sermon series and listen to past sermons, click here.

What about my kids?

The first thing you should know is that our church loves kids! We want them to learn and grow in Christ and followers of the way of Jesus. The way we are doing that post COVID is different than before COVID. Children from age 4-10 are invited to join our Kids' Church after the first two songs. Kids will be asked to wear their masks while moving from their pews to our Kids' Church area where they will sit physically distanced from one another. If you would like your children to sit with you, please feel free to have them do so! They are not a distraction to us.
If you have small kids, don’t worry! We know that small kids can be fussy. They aren’t a distraction, they are a gift. But, we do understand that there may be times you want to take your small one out of the service. We have two places designed with you and your child in mind. The first one is just outside the sanctuary. There is seating, glass so you can still see the service and a speaker so you don’t miss a thing. We also have a moms' room with a changing table, seating, and a speaker for you to use just to the left as you come through the main entrance.

What should I wear?

We are all different! Our pastor occasionally wears a sport coat, but otherwise we could be described as "business casual". You'll see jeans, khakis, dresses, sneakers, and everything in between. Come as you are, we are not focused on what kind of clothes you wear.

Am I required to give an offering?

We have a giving box just inside the main entrance to the sanctuary, but we emphasize that this is for members and regular attenders to be a part of. Everyone is welcome to worship through their financial gifts, but as a visitor, you are not expected to do so!

What is Communion?

On the first Sunday of each month, we observe Communion (or the Lord's Supper). This is a time to reflect on and proclaim the death of Christ to one another until His eventual return. We use grape juice and crackers and practice what is known as "open Communion". If you are a believer in Jesus, even if you are not a member or regular attender of our Church, you are welcome and invited to partake with us as you feel lead. Want more information about the Lord's Supper? Listen here: Come to the Table ; Putting Christ on Display.

Is your service “Contemporary” or “Traditional”?

We don’t fit neatly into either one of those categories. Instead, we strive for a modern expression of our ancient faith. We sing modern songs, but also older hymns. We are casual, but still enjoy some formal elements of worship that the church has used throughout the ages.

Do you have Sunday School?

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things for now. The only in person gatherings that we will continue to have for the time being will be our Saturday evening and Sunday morning services. As we progress, we will be strategically thinking and praying through what our congregation and guests need and how best to meet those needs. But if you are interested in small groups or other opportunities to learn about Jesus, please contact us! We have a number of virtual group opportunities for you to be a part of.

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